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updateCenter successfully installs nothing where there's nothing to install


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    • Jenkins 2.347
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      I'd put this down to user error, but the outcome was confusing...

      Started up a local instance of of Jenkins, went to /pluginManager/available, searched/filtered on a keyword, hit Enter (just because it seemed there were more matches than expected and forgot the results were dynamic)

      The installer moved to the install screen and proceeds to install "nothing". Technically that's correct since I did not select any plugins, but I'm left with the impression of, "What just happened? What did I just install?"


      This is validated in the jenkins logs:

      [id=23]    INFO    hudson.lifecycle.Lifecycle#onReady: Jenkins is fully up and running
      [id=13]    INFO    hudson.PluginManager#install: Starting installation of a batch of 0 plugins plus their dependencies
      [id=78]    INFO    h.m.UpdateCenter$CompleteBatchJob#run: Completing installing of plugin batchà
      [id=81]    INFO    jenkins.InitReactorRunner$1#onAttained: Started initialization
      [id=85]    INFO    jenkins.InitReactorRunner$1#onAttained: Listed all plugins
      [id=90]    INFO    jenkins.InitReactorRunner$1#onAttained: Prepared all plugins
      [id=95]    INFO    jenkins.InitReactorRunner$1#onAttained: Started all plugins
      [id=84]    INFO    jenkins.InitReactorRunner$1#onAttained: Augmented all extensions
      [id=88]    INFO    jenkins.InitReactorRunner$1#onAttained: System config loaded
      [id=92]    INFO    jenkins.InitReactorRunner$1#onAttained: System config adapted
      [id=81]    INFO    jenkins.InitReactorRunner$1#onAttained: Loaded all jobs
      [id=87]    INFO    jenkins.InitReactorRunner$1#onAttained: Configuration for all jobs updated
      [id=91]    INFO    jenkins.InitReactorRunner$1#onAttained: Completed initialization
      [id=78]    INFO    h.m.UpdateCenter$CompleteBatchJob#run: Completed installation of 0 plugins in 1.1 sec


      I can confirm the same outcome if you simply navigate to the /pluginManager/available page and hit Enter.

      It would be my expectation, either nothing happened, or a more user friendly dialog appears advising the user to choose plugin(s) to install before proceeding.






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