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snippet generator generating wrong name for jobs with / in them


      Setting as Blocker as the failure to generate correct syntax (and document otherwise what the escaped value of / in the build step is anywhere) is actually blocking my project.  If this ticket would at least clarify what the proper method of escaping is, we could downgrade from Blocker IMHO.

      When I create a snippet using the snippet generator for a build step, and then choose a job which has a / in it's name, the generated snippet doesn't actually work and Jenkins complains No item named ... found.

      To expand, I open the snippet generator, choose the build step as the step I want to generate for.  I start typing my job name into the Project to Build field an quickly it displays a list of jobs that match what I have typed, including the jobs that have / in them escaped to %2F.  So for example a multibranch pipeline job in a github org with a branch name that has a / in it shows up as org/project/release%2F2.0.

      When I then put the generated syntax into my Jenkinsfile the job fails with No item named org/project/release%2f2.0 found.

      So first and foremost what is the accepted escape for / in build job names so that I can at least make progress on my project?  But subsequently, in reading Jenkins pipeline documentation, I am constantly reminded to use the snippet generator, but clearly in this case it is simply not generating correct syntax.  This needs to be fixed!

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