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Unable to Delete job(s) inside Folder


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    • core 2.303.3 . matrix-project:1.18 , role-strategy:3.1.1 .

      We have configured Authorization as 'Role based Strategy'.
      While deleting existing jobs we(non-admin users) are facing the issue. Admin user(s) have no problems to delete the job(s).

      Detail(s).. Example;
      job1 - 'jenkins/job/HGxx_Goyy/job/haven/job/test_pipeline'.
      'user1' has all kind of permission to 'run, create, delete, etc...' for this job (infact have all the permission for the parent folder, 'HGxx_Goyy').

      'user1' has no issue to create the job(s) inside 'haven'. But when 'user1' tries to delete the job '....../test_pipeline' its throws error - "Access Denied" issue for some other random folder 'jenkins/job/HSzx_Clnn'.

      Let me know , if any additional information require. And/or any hints to debug this issue.

            mawinter69 Markus Winter
            akmjenkins ASHOK MOHANTY
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