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API call using credentials stored inside jenkins.


      Hello, good afternoon, 

      I have made a pipeline that downloads an image, converts it and uploads it to a converted repository. 

      If I run the pipeline in jenkins filling the parameters as I have defined, it runs correctly from start to finish. 

      The thing is that I want to be able to trigger that pipeline from outside jenkins. To do this I have been trying to make an API call, passing the parameters following the structure that is in the documentation, but there are two parameters that I can not pass, since they are credentials that I entered my user inside jenkins to use them, making use of withCredentials to use the credentials to download the snapshot and then to access the repository where I upload it. 

      Is it possible to pass by curl the id of the credentials to run the pipeline correctly? With String parameters I have no problem, but with credential parameters I am having problems and I haven't seen any example with it. 

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