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ALM Upload should support user fields


      the ALM Plugin should support the usage of additional user Fields for the test-set/test/run.

      We use fields like user-01, user-02 in the test-set, test or run to add additional information, but the "Upload test result to ALM" post action has not the capability to add these additional fields.

      The "Upload test result to ALM using field mapping" post action has the capability to add these fields in the "Field mapping", but the used XPath lib does not allow me to extract all the data from a JUnit report in a proper way (like the "Upload test result to ALM" do).
      Therefore the "Upload test result to ALM" post action should be able to support additional user fields.

      A suggestion only,
      with regards,

      I found some some similar tickets, but the function is still not available yet and the tickets are closed.

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