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Build With Parameters shows obsolete fields


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      My Jenkins shared pipeline, used by dozens of repos internally, has several parameter fields defined. We have several repos that initially used another library, or their own ad-hoc pipelines, but then imported the shared library.

      In some of these cases, the "Build With Parameters" UI shows both the old and new parameters. We have re-run the pipelines several times, but the old fields won't go away.

      If we create a new branch, only the new fields are shown.

      I am thinking there's an xml file on the controller that we have to wipe, but I'm not sure where.

      Has anyone seen this? What's the resolution?

      Update 1:

      I went into the jobs folder for a branch showing this, and backed-up the config.xml file:

      > cd /mnt/data/jenkins/jobs/<org>/jobs/workflows/jobs/<repo>/branches/jenkins-test/

      > mv config.xml config.xml-bak

      Upon re-running the job, it re-creates the config.xml and it has the same issue: old and new fields still showing.

      So I deleted the entire jenkins-test branch folder. The job doesn't go away in the UI. I made a test commit to the branch in Github, Jenkins picked it up and ran it. It automatically re-created the jenkins-test folder on the controller, and upon re-trying Build With Parameters, it still shows the old and new params. Got to keep digging...


      Stack Overflow Discussion

      Please see my post on SO about this for continued discussion: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/73791795/jenkins-build-with-parameters-shows-old-and-new-parameter-fields

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