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Commits in changes sometimes disappear in Stage View




      When a commit is pushed on our Bitbucket server, a Jenkins pipeline is triggered.

      The picture below (stage-view-plugin.png) shows 2 executions of the pipeline, each one triggered by 1 commit.

      As you can see, the build #6722 shows "1 commit" which is fine. The build #6723 doesn't show anything whereas it was triggered by one commit.

      The changes are detected by Jenkins (-> detected_changes.png)

      When the pipelines starts, commit information are show but they disappear when the pipeline ends.

      When I restart Jenkins, these commit informations appear well on previous executed builds.

      I don't see any relevant information in the logs (don't know how to set log level to debug for Stage View plugin).


      Any idea about this behavior ?


            svanoort Sam Van Oort
            jnbptstm Jean-Baptiste MARTIN
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