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Sauce OnDemand plugin fails - "extra info is not valid JSON"



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    • sauce-ondemand-plugin
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    • Jenkins version 2.361.3
      Plugin version 1.208
      Windows server


      Whenever a recent version of the plugin is used (tried with version 1.205 and 1.208) the following error occurs (in verbose mode), causing a timeout:

      2022-11-14 16:28:14.259+0000 [id=43]    INFO    c.s.c.s.SauceConnectFourManager#prepAndCreateProcess: Launching Sauce Connect 4.8.1 [*LOCATION*\sc.exe, -u, *USERNAME*, -k, ****, -P, 4445, -x, https://eu-central-1.saucelabs.com/rest/v1, --extra-info, {"runner": "jenkins"}]
      extra info is not valid JSON.
      2022-11-14 16:28:26.427+0000 [id=201]   INFO    c.s.c.s.AbstractSauceTunnelManager$StreamGobbler#processLine: extra info is not valid JSON.
      2022-11-14 16:31:20.779+0000 [id=43]    INFO    c.s.c.s.AbstractSauceTunnelManager#logMessage: Time out while waiting for Sauce Connect to start, please check the Sauce Connect log located in *LOCATION*\sc.log 

      I believe this is because of the part below, which wasn't there before (version 1.199 worked perfectly).

      {"runner": "jenkins"}

      This is a blocker because the plugin is completely unusable since there's no way to strip of this piece of incorrect or incorrectly escaped JSON from the sc command.


      I was able to reproduce with sc on my own PC:

      $ ./sc.exe -u *USERNAME* -k *ACCESS-KEY* -P 4445 -x https://eu-central-1.saucelabs.com/rest/v1 --extra-info "{"runner": "jenkins"}"
      extra info is not valid JSON
      $ ./sc.exe -u *USERNAME* -k *ACCESS-KEY* -P 4445 -x https://eu-central-1.saucelabs.com/rest/v1 --extra-info '{"runner": "jenkins"}'
      Sauce Connect Proxy™ opens a secure connection between Sauce Labs and a locally hosted application.  Find more information at: https://docs.saucelabs.com/dev/cli/sauce-connect-proxySauce Connect 4.8.1, build 2379 41872ee1
      Sauce Connect runtime information:
      - Name: None
      - PID: 11320
      - PID file: *LOCATION*\sc_client0.pid
      - Log file: *LOCATION*\sc.log
      - SCProxy Port: 63039
      - Status Port: None
      - Selenium listener: 4445
      - External proxy: None
      - Tunnel proxy: None
      - Region: eu-central
      Please wait for 'you may start your tests' to start your tests
      Secure remote tunnel provisioned. Tunnel ID: *TUNNEL-ID*
      Sauce Connect is up, you may start your tests.
      Waiting for the connection to terminate...
      Tunnel connection closed.



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