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URGENT - +x not set on binary+x files 1.13.2


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    • p4-plugin
    • P4-Plugin 1.13.2
      Jenkins 2.289.2

      Binary +x files are not being synced to Linux or Mac with the executable bit set.



      $ p4 files ...//depot/Executable/f2709#1 - add change 2709 (text)//depot/Executable/hello.sh#2 - edit change 2710 (text+x)//depot/Executable/ls#1 - add change 2711 (binary+x) 

      Build step in job that runs 'ls -l':


      [Executable] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/jenkins6963197685071756239.sh
      + ls -l
      total 144
      -r--rw-r-- 1 kwirth kwirth     45 Dec 23 15:14 f2709
      -r-xrwxr-x 1 kwirth kwirth     11 Dec 23 15:14 hello.sh
      -r--rw-r-- 1 kwirth kwirth 138208 Dec 23 15:14 ls 

      Note no 'x' on 'ls' line.


      Reproduction Steps:

      (1) Put an executable binary like 'ls' in the workspace and submit it. For example:

      cp `which ls` .

      p4 add -t binary+x ls

      p4 submit -d "Adding binary"

      (2) Create a Jenkins jobs that syncs the file.

      (3) In the build job include an 'Execute Shell' step that runs 'ls -l'.

      (4) Run job.

      (5) Look in console log in output from ls for executable bit set on 'ls'.


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