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Add automatic detection of file paths


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    • Windows 10
      Jenkins 2.375.1
      Warnings Next Generation Plugin Version 9.22.0

      I've created a custom parser based on Groovy Parser, the problem is that when a summary of warnings is shown I can't click on a file where warnings occurred. In console log I am getting following message:
      [Delphi-Groovy] [-ERROR-] Can't create fingerprints for some files:
      [Delphi-Groovy] [-ERROR-] - 'ErronousProject.dpr' file not found
      However, the file 'ErronousProject.dpr' is in a workspace,  but placed in subfolders:

      "C:\JenkinsWorkspace\Eerroneous Project\ErronousProject\ErronousProject.dpr"

      If I modify global options and put path "C:\JenkinsWorkspace\Eerroneous Project\ErronousProject" there and then put the same path again into job plugin setting: Source Directories -> Relative Or Absolute Path then it will work and find the file.

      The problem is that I have hundreds of sub folders and it would be very impractical to put all these paths firs to jenkins global configuration and then to job's configuration.


      Could you please add an option to automatically scan all subdirectories of a workspace and other top folders defined?



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