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Assign Global Roles case sensitive issues


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      Jenkins 2.375.2

      when a user is added under: 'Assign Roles' => 'Global roles' => 'User/group to add',

      the input is case sensitive [which is not mentioned in the plugin README file per my search], but after clicking the 'Add' button, the uppercase letters become lowercase.

      this creates a situation where if a user tries to login to Jenkins, using some uppercase letter, when the user was defined all in lowercase letters [or vice-versa], will get 'Access Denied' error to the relevant resources the user is mapped to. [see attached image 'user-access-denied.jpg']

      once you add a user, using lowercase or uppercase, the user is added all in lowercase, so you do not know how the user email looks after it was added [see attached image 'user-assigned-role.jpg']

      this gets even more confusing, when you are allowed to add multiple users, using the same email, but changing a single letter from lowercase to uppercase, click 'Add' => click 'Apply', and now you get 2 different users using the exact same email, both in lowercase.

      we expect the input to match the output, and deny addition of an existing user.

      please assist, thank you!

      note: user full email was removed from the screenshots.

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