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flake8 parser complains about empty file if no violations


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    • Jenkins: 2.388
      OS: OpenSUSE Leap 15.4
      warnings-ng: 9.23.0

      I am running flake8 as part of my pipeline. There are no violations, so the log file is empty.

      When calling `recordIssues` on the file, Jenkins reports two errors about the file being empty (which is the default if no violations occur):

      Errors during parsing
      Skipping file 'flake8.log' because it's empty
      Errors during parsing
      Skipping file 'flake8.log' because it's empty

      I could not identify a usable (non-hacky) way to disable this warning, probably originating from https://github.com/jenkinsci/warnings-ng-plugin/blob/250c0d7ce19c273ff011690b783baa543e93b146/plugin/src/main/java/io/jenkins/plugins/analysis/core/model/FilesScanner.java#L89
      Relevant call in pipeline after generating the actual linting report:

      recordIssues(tools: [flake8(pattern: 'flake8.log')])

      These errors should not occur or a clean solution should be available/documented.

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