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Improve version column plugin test coverage


      Increase automated test coverage

      Automated test coverage of the version column plugin is lower that is desired. Improve the automated test coverage by submitting pull requests with new automated tests.

      Review current coverage

      Review the current test coverage with the commands:


      $ mvn -P enable-jacoco clean install jacoco:report
      $ xdg-open target/site/jacoco/index.html


      C:\Users\Yourname > mvn -P enable-jacoco clean install jacoco:report
      C:\Users\Yourname > start target\site\jacoco\index.html

      Create a new test for a class that is not well covered

      Most integrated development environments have tools that will create a test stub that is a good beginning. Apache Netbeans has "Create / Update tests" . JetBrains IntelliJ has "Create tests". Visual Studio Code has the "Extension Pack for Java".

      Use the IDE or your own coding to create a test for one of the classes that is not well covered by tests.


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