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Jenkins log snipping behaves unpredictable or lacks configuration


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      when clicking on the console output for a running build
      i any now and then will see some amount of leading lines hidden
      and would need to unhide them by a mouse click in the web-gui.

      actually the amount that is hidden is often only a few kilobytes.
      and sometimes its several megabytes.
      i am not sure if the clipping point is determined in lines or in bytes or what else.
      and i am not sure if there is any option at all, e.g. in my user profile,
      to fine tune that to my personal situation (like networking speed) and desired.

      (side node - there is a sister ticket that goes for lines being cut right in the middle.
      maybe it would also be more clear to the end user if the clipping only operates on whole lines.
      JENKINS-70886 )

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