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Reload programmatically Global Pipeline Libraries not possible without restart jenkins


      Hi Team
      We have been trying to programmatically upgrade the Library tag under Global Pipeline Libraries in Global in Configure System. Basically, whenever we released a new tag in GitLab for our Jenkins library, we would like to programmatically upgrade this Jenkins configuration for the library tag without any manual action.
      We are changing this configuration file in the Jenkins server --> org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.libs.GlobalLibraries.xml 
      and we tried to use the Jenkins cli option similar to below and variations of it to change the tag of the Jenkins library but Jenkins UI is not showing the new tag.

      "java -jar jenkins-cli.jar -noCertificateCheck -s https://jenkins.example.com:8443/jenkins/ reload-configuration" with options -auth -webSocket and also just /reload also not working

      and tried to use Curl to reload the configuration to change the tag configuration
      with various options similar with this example

      "curl     --header "$JENKINS_CRUMB"  --header "content-type:application/xml"  --request POST --user "username:token" -vvv "https://jenkinsurl:port/reload-configuration"or /reload
      and many more different ways, it is not possible to change the configuration with these options
      without restarting Jenkins.

      and finally, we changed the config file again and tried to manually click the Reload Configuration From Disk button and it also did not update the tag version even manually..

      Our Jenkins version is : Jenkins 2.387.2
      Pipeline: Groovy Libraries 629.vb_5627b_ee2104

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