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Issues configuring ThrottleJobProperty as template parameter


      This is a fantastic plugin, but I cannot get it to instantiate when it is declared in a template as a parameter. Here is my declaration:

          [$class: 'hudson.plugins.throttleconcurrents.ThrottleJobProperty',
            categories: [$class: 'java.util.concurrent.CopyOnWriteArrayList']
            throttleEnabled: true, 
            throttleOption: 'project',
            limitOneJobWithMatchingParams: true,
            paramsToUseForLimit: 'TargetEnvironment' ,
            plugin: 'throttle-concurrents@2.10',
            maxConcurrentPerNode: 0,
            maxConcurrentTotal: 0


      Upon running the job, I get the exception org.kohsuke.stapler.NoStaplerConstructorException: There's no @DataBoundConstructor on any constructor of class java.util.concurrent.CopyOnWriteArrayList


      Is there a way to notify the stapler that no annotation is needed on a property, or a jenkins specific implementation of an ArrayList that I can use that has the annotation, or am I just doing something silly in my parameter definition?

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