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provide a built-in "tool" for checking the Jenkins console


      I've been using warnings-ng with multiple external tools since a long time. Recently a colleague wanted to scan his Jenkins console for custom error lines, and I was going to recommend the warnings-ng plugin until I realized there is no built-in tool/parser for the Jenkins console.

      Would it be possible to have something likeĀ 

      recordIssues ...
      tools: [jenkinsConsole( patterns: ['myregex1', Severity.ERROR], ['regex2', Severity.WARNING])])

      which would just convert console lines matching the regex into errors/warnings without linking to a specific source file.

      I'm aware that I can do some of the parsing also by getting the log stream from the current build and that this somewhat overlaps with the functionality of the build failure analyzer plugin, but it would be nice to have something built-in that can be used by Jenkins users without digging into registering a new groovy parser for the plugin.

      Or did I just miss some existing functionality?

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