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LoadRunner SLA error


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    • Plugin version 7.3
      CloudBees CI Client Controller 2.319.1.5
      LoadRunner 2022 R1

      when running TruClient or Web - HTTP/HTML scripts we consistently get this error below.
      The issue is not happening when the same tests are ran within LoadRunner without Jenkins

      We do have the transactions ratio SLA defined too

      calculating SLA
      The string <passed_transactions_ratio> cannot be converted to the measurement.
      at Analysis.ApiLib.Sla.SlaMeasurementHelper.MeasurementFromString(String aMeasurement)
      at Analysis.ApiSL.SlaResultReader.FillSlaResultFromSlaSupervisor(SlaResult aResult)
      at Analysis.ApiSL.SlaResultReader.GetSlaResult(String aSessionFileName, Boolean aForceSlaCalculation)
      at Analysis.Api.Session.CalculateSla(String aSessionFileName, Boolean aForceSlaCalculation)
      at LRAnalysisLauncher.Program.Main(String[] args)

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