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Freestyle jobs stopped sending notification after updating to v1.17


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    • Linux, jenkins 2.387.3, notification plugin 1.17


      we have detected that, recently, all our freestyle jobs notifications have stopped working. We have them configured to call to a webhook and it has stopped receiving any notification for those jobs.

      There is a noticeable difference in logs that change from:

      Notifying endpoint with url 'https://some.endpoint.out.there'
      Triggering a new build of <<next-job-in-the-chain>>
      Finished: SUCCESS


      Environment does not contain BRANCH_NAME variable
      Triggering a new build of <<next-job-in-the-chain>>
      Finished: SUCCESS

      We also have some pipeline jobs and using com.tikal.hudson.plugins.notification, also with v1.17, and they are working ok, we continue getting the notifications in the endpoint. So, only freestyle, so far.

      Finally, it seems to be a recent regression, because downgrading the plugin to previous v1.15 makes freestyle jobs to start sending the notifications again.


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