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bat pipeline with returnstdout=true echos command


      We updated to Jenkins LTS 2.401.1 via dockerhub. Since that version all our pipeline builds broke because the bat pipeline step seems to also return the command call itself in the result which it did not before. Powershell works.


      See the following code to reproduce the problem

      stage('Test') {
        steps {
          script {
            def result = bat(label: '', returnStdout: true, script: 'echo echotestresponse')
            echo "output from bat: $result"
            def psResult = powershell(label: '', returnStdout: true, script: 'echo echotestresponse')
            echo "output from powershell: $psResult"

      Output is:

      17:17:18  [Pipeline] stage
      17:17:18  [Pipeline] { (Test)
      17:17:18  [Pipeline] script
      17:17:18  [Pipeline] {
      17:17:18  [Pipeline] bat
      17:17:18  [Pipeline] echo
      17:17:18  output from bat: 
      17:17:18  jenkins@HMJENKINS4 d:\jenkins\workspace\MPA_jenkins-fixing>echo echotestresponse 
      17:17:18  echotestresponse
      17:17:18  [Pipeline] powershell
      17:17:19  [Pipeline] echo
      17:17:19  output from powershell: echotestresponse
      17:17:19  [Pipeline] }
      17:17:19  [Pipeline] // script
      17:17:19  [Pipeline] }
      17:17:19  [Pipeline] // stage 

      Additionally there is also a new line character at start of the result now.


      A workaround seems to be to prefix any command with @ or @echo off explicitely.

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