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mail watcher requires job config history plugin with Jenkins 2.387.1 and later


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      Post upgrade in production to v2.387.3 on restart, Jenkins is writing the below error to the err.log for the mailwatcher plugin:

      2023-06-15 15:34:03.002+0000 [id=24] WARNING h.ExtensionFinder$GuiceFinder$FaultTolerantScope$1#error: Failed to instantiate Key[type=org.jenkinsci.plugins.mailwatcher.WatcherItemListener, annotation=[none]]; skipping this component

      Now node status messages (offline/online) are not being sent via email when status changes. We upgraded our NPE Jenkins to the latest (v2.401.1) and the issue persists.

      There is no mention of this issue in the plugin docs and no warning of potential compatibility issues as the last release was ~4 months ago.

      Any fix/help/guidance is greatly appreciated - thanks in advance.

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