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Not able to click any dropdown options from dashboard "Manage Jenkins" menu


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    • core
    • Jenkins 2.415 and later
    • 2.418

      Previous versions of Jenkins <= 2.415 had ability to select an option by pressing primary key of a mouse directly from a dropdown options while hovering mouse arrow over "Dashboard > Manage Jenkins > HERE".

      But from versions > 2.415, this functionality does not work anymore. Due to this issue, now its only possible to access these options by going inside "Manage Jenkins" page.

      Steps to reproduce.

      • go to Jenkins "Dashboard"
      • click on dropdown button while hovering next "Dashboard" name
      • Hover over "Manage Jenkins"
      • Try to click on any one of the available options shown

      expected results

      Options are clickable (this is the behaviour in Jenkins <= 2.415)

      actual results

      None of the options are clickable

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