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I cant list users assiened roles in jenkins groovy script


      I want to give user access for parameters in Jenkins basused on user role.

      so I am using Role-based Authorization Strategy and Active Choices parameter plugins and trying to do this and I successfully gave user access for parameters based on user name but not based on user roles becouse I cant list users assiened roles with groovy

      this example using user names but i need to know how to apply same concept with roles 


      import jenkins.model.Jenkins

      import hudson.model.User

      // Get the current user

      User currentUser = User.current()

      // Get the username of the current user

      String currentUsername = currentUser != null ? currentUser.fullName : null

      // Define the available environments based on usernames

      def envChoices = []

      if (currentUsername == "DevUser1") {

      envChoices += "DEV"


      if (currentUsername == "QAUser1") {

      envChoices += "QA"


      // Check if the user has the role "admin" to list all parameters (DEV, QA, PROD)

      {{if (currentUsername == "Admin")

      { envChoices += ["DEV", "QA", "PROD"] }

      return envChoices}}

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