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SCM Skip not skipping when changelog is empty


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    • Jenkins 2.406 with SCM Skip plugin 1.0.3 on Windows Server 2022 Standard GitLab Enterprise Edition 13.0.6-ee

      Our branch open process pushes an empty commit to mark the beginning of the development process (we call them "versions") with a commit title like:

      [ARCAD-Builder] ARCAD Build Commit [ci-skip]

      There are no changes in the commit (intentionally) the commit id is just used as a marker to synchronize with our external build system.

      The SCM Skip build is ignoring the commit message (the job runs) and we see this message in the Console Output:
      SCM Skip: Changelog is empty!

      That makes the SCM Skip plugin unusable for our purposes - interestingly enough the GitLab plugin also has a  [ci-skip] option - that option does work correctly for the exact same commit messages (without changes to the default regex) so it appears that the same code could be used/copied in this plugin to support "generic" skip regardless of git repo type.

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