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Option to run a Jenkins pipeline with a shelved changelist applied.


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      Could the Helix Core Jenkins plugin expand Jenkins’ “Build With Parameters” page with an extra optional field for specifying a CL to unshelve? See attached screenshot.


      [The customer’s direct comment]

      I think such a feature would be very useful, whether the pipeline has parameters or not. Given that, when a pipeline doesn’t have parameters, “Build With Parameters” becomes “Build Now” (ie there isn’t even a page for you to modify), maybe the Jenkins plugin would have to create a new page, which would do what my screenshot (attached) shows. With your plugin running inside Jenkins, hopefully you have easy access to a pipeline’s parameters, so this should be possible. It will become a very popular feature, I can promise you that 😊.


      The following workflow is the motivation of the customer;

      1. Users will shelve changes.
      2. Users will type the shelved changelist number in the field.
      3. Users will click Build so that you could run a build, and see its result before submitting the changes.

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