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install-plugin over jenkins-cli.jar is not working anymore (regression in 2.428)


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    • cli
    • - Jenkins docker image updated to latest version 2.428
      - jenkins-cli 2.428
      - Java 11.0.15+10 OpenJDK Temurin
    • 2.429

      Hi there,

      I currently can't run the jenkins-cli command "install-plugin" with the latest version of the jenkins-cli.jar. I get the following error:

      ERROR: URI is not absolute


      Downgrading jenkins to 2.426 makes install-plugin work again.
      I haven't tested jenkins 2.427, but 2.428 definitly throws me this error, when I try to install/update a plugin over the CLI.

      My command looks like this:

      java -jar ./jenkins-cli.jar -s http://localhost:8080 -auth user:pw install-plugin credentials

      Running it from within the docker container as root.

      I have to say, the docker-image is jenkins/jenkins:lts-jdk11 from 04-05-2022.
      If I update jenkins, I update the jenkins.war and the plugins within the container over a script.

      This is a summary of that said script:

      • Download latest jenkins-cli.jar from localhost/jnlpJars/jenkins-cli.jar
      • Download latest jenkins.war
      • Replace current jenkins.war and create a backup
      • Get list of plugins with list-plugins and parse updatable plugins (that still works fine)
      • Update plugins with install-plugin (this is, where the error occurs).

      I tried different plugins, it is always the same error.

      As I said, rollback to 2.426 and install-plugin works without a problem.

      Maybe there is an easy solution to this, I'm just missing, because I'm not very good with URI related issues. Help would be highly appreciated.

            basil Basil Crow
            fakoelobster Fabian König
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