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Gitlab Clone Times


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    • Ubuntu, Jenkins 2.414.3

      The last few days I have been running into two issue. I do not believe they are related.

      1. Git checkout times have skyrocketed
      2. Archives are failing the archival process

      At my place of work we privately host our Jenkins and Gitlab servers. Up until a few days ago there were no issues. The size of my repos has not changed very much and I am seeing the same issue across all pipelines. Gitlab checkouts that used to take 6s now takes 40s+. A repo that used to clone in 3 minutes now takes 12+ minutes. 


      My Jenkins master node is running from a headless Ubuntu VM that I have no insight into (IT). The pipelines run on my Ubuntu desktop and use the Jenkins user. I am also logged into the desktop as my own user.  Up until a few days ago this all worked seemlesly. 


      Now any time my 12+ minute checkout starts my Ubuntu desktop slows to a crawl. Completely unusable. Running the resouse monitor and looking at the Jenkins logs I see no obvious issues. What more can I look at to resolve this? My team and I are quickly approaching an initial product release and we would really like our automated build system running. 


      I can add any more details requested!

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