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Amazon EC2 Plugin - Cannot save live node config if "Instance Metadata Supported?" (metadataSupported) is checked


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      Jenkins Amazon EC2 plugin version 1628.v6d7b_fc58b_a_1d "can't save instance config" bug can be reproduced by -

      1. As noted in "Environment" section above, ensure in Cloud configuration for launching an EC2 node: ensure "Instance Metadata Supported?" is checked (enabled)
      2. Launch a node
      3. Edit that node's config, change any setting except "Instance Metadata Supported?", and click "Save"
      4. Angry Jenkins shows up
      5. Go back and uncheck "Instance Metadata Supported?" and click "Save" - it will work this time

      The logs show a large stack trace, of which this is the pertinent part:

      Caused: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed to convert the metadataSupported parameter of the constructor public hudson.plugins.ec2.EC2OndemandSlave 


      Effect of the bug: You are unable to change the node configuration after launch, and keep "Instance Metadata Supported?" sub-options enabled at the same time

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