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Controlling "changelog" on multi-branch / parallel builds


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    • Multibranch project, Jenkins Controller with Agents running on Windows VMs, Linux VMs, and Mac hardware.

      I have a "Multi-Branch" project job in Jenkins, and am having trouble with multiple checkouts and listing the changelog multiple times in the Jenkins changes page. The build runs on multiple nodes of various OSs including: Mac, Linux and Windows.

      The current situation is that, if I have N nodes w/default checkout, I will end up with N number of ChangeSets that are listed in the "Changes" page for the build in Jenkins.

      For me to be able to use the default checkout on each of my parallel stages of the declarative pipeline:

      1) I must be guaranteed that the initial indexing of the project will resolve the latest "change" found, and that any consecutive checkout on other nodes in parallel will be pinned to that change.

      2) The initial indexing of the project could produce the Changelog (it currently seem to be doing that), but any consecutive checkout in parallel stages of the pipeline should allow me an option to disable the changelog with the checkout (or maybe not do it at all??)

      3) There are also cases where I would like to be able to disable the Changelog recording even on the initial indexing checkout (on the controller node), and that is if I am doing a "review build", where maybe just printing a message saying that the latest change on Branch was this, then unshelving <change> ...

      You can assume that the client spec is the same across the board. The perforce server resides on the same network, so checkout of the code on a node is pretty fast (< 30s).

      // I can currently control the changelog using the following in my pipeline
      checkout (changelog: false, scm: perforce( ... ))


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