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Remove not required dependencies from Blue Ocean plugin


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      Current situation

      When e.g. installing the BlueOcean plugin the Bitbucket Pipeline for Blue Ocean is also always installed because it's a dependency of the former. The same situation exists e.g. for "GitHub Pipeline for Blue Ocean" and "Git Pipeline for Blue Ocean"

      As we are currently using GitLab, we don't require any of the above plugins.

      The problem likely originates here:

      What should be done

      Remove these plugins as dependencies.

      • Comment in your code says "TODO: its here only for development, to be removed" - was written there ~7 years ago back in 2016
      • If you still need these dependencies for tests I recommend you set them to scope test or create a separate test module
      • Less dependencies
      • Less to download
      • Less to manage (in e.g. CasC)
      • Less possible attack vectors
      • ...

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