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Enable pagination on Configure Clouds Page


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      Found this issue when accessing Configure Clouds page. It couldn't get successfully loaded for displaying the page. A bit of background story, there are dozens of registered AMI on the jenkins master, more specifically around 90 AMIs. The more I add new AMI, the longer time to wait until the page is fully loaded. But currently, it reaches its peak for not being able to load the page and return the error like below instead:

      Indeed, when I saw the resource usage, there was a CPU spike but I don't think that is the problem since it doesn't exceed or even come close to the limit. Since then, I tried to ask  some of my colleagues to access the page and few of them managed to access it but with consuming huge amount of memory usage in our workstation while loading it up:


      I believe it's due to plenty of AMI are registered on it and Jenkins is trying to load it up all at once instead of batching them into multiple AMIs per page number. Therefore, it would be a nice improvement to have Configure Clouds page is equipped with pagination in the future. So it will be much quicker to load each page number instead of the whole AMI list at once.




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