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ActiveDirectory authentication error with german umlaut in user DN


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    • Openjdk-21
      RHEL 9.3
      Jenkins 2.426.3
      LDAP plugin: latest


      I am using Ldap plugin to authenticate to ActiveDirectory, and all users not having german umlaut like "ÄÖÜ" in their user-dn can login fine:

      For example:
      DN: CN=Franz Tester,OU=Users,DC=example,DC=com

      sAMAccountName: tester201

      ( please see Picture1 too)

      All users, with ÜÖÄ in its surname or lastname get an authentication error.

      DN:: base64 encoded string

      sAMAccountName: tester202

      ( please see Picture2 too)

      I know, it is recommended not to use german umlaut in the DN, but my company has configured it like this, and i cannot change it.
      I am not a developer, so i cannot help to fix this problem, but i hope someone is here to help me.
      I have tested several configurations with different ldap queries and changed my password to something simple, but nothing works. So i have no further idea and think, it could be a problem with the plugin code to not decode the DN correctly, maybe.

      Thank's in advance for your help!

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