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Extra logging added to console log on Maven builds and prevent Error-Prone parsing


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    • jenkins 2.440.2
      Maven Integration plugin 3.23
      Warnings Plugin 11.2.2

      We are running (since years) our jenkins installation with an master on Windows server and build agent nodes on Linux. As already reported as JENKINS-55390 the output of the console log can not be parsed by the warnings plugin due to be prefixed by 'garbage extra logging' like
      [pool-1-thread-2 for channel id=140013] WARNING org.apache.maven.plugin.compiler.CompilerMojo - /opt/buildsystem/younameit/workspace/projectname/artifact/src/main/java/ag/itc/TestClass.java:[56,36] [MissingOverride] getThings implements method in AnInterface; expected @Override (see ...
      I found the comment/patch from sgabriel on JENKINS-19396 to be correct:

      "This issue still occur when running master on windows and slaves on linux" and "this can be easily corrected"

      I applied the provided patch (from pull request https://github.com/jenkinsci/maven-plugin/pull/191)  to the source of Maven Integration 3.23 and patched our installation.

      Now the cosole log looks pretty ...
      [WARNING] /opt/buildsystem/bob/workspace/projectname/artifact/src/main/java/ag/itcTestClass.java:[56,36] [MissingOverride] getThings implements method in AnInterface; expected @Override (see ...

      ... and the Error-Prone parser works as expected

      It would be nice if the patch/pull request from JENKINS-19396 could be finally integrated in the next release of the Maven Integration.

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