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.deb package postinst prevents serving static content directly



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      Our Apache server is proxying Hudson, while serving its static content directly.
      As Apache workers are run by user www-data and group www-data, they're not entitled to access /var/run/hudson and /var/lib/hudson since they're only group readable (hudson:adm).
      This comes from the fact the .deb package postinst script performs:

      • chown hudson:adm on /var/run/hudson and /var/lib/hudson. Why "adm"?
      • chmod 750 on /var/run/hudson and /var/lib/hudson. Why not user readable?

      Could you please amend the postinst script so that:

      • either it just set access rights at first installation time, so that my custom changes are not reset at upgrade time.
      • or it uses: chmod 755.
      • or it uses: chown hudson:www-data.
      • or, simpler, it doesn't deal with such things at all.



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