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Problematic chown/chmod at Debian package upgrade


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    • Ubuntu 9.10, Hudson 1.348

      When upgrading the Hudson Debian package the "postinst" script in the Debian package tries to use "chown" and "chmod" to set ownership and permissions on files under ~hudson. But the script follows symlinks, so it can run chown/chmod on any file outside of the ~hudson directory tree. On my Hudson server machine we have a symlink to the root directory of the machine (i.e. to "/"). That the Hudson upgrade results in changes to "/" is really bad.

      The problematic lines in "postinst" seem to be:

      find /var/lib/hudson -path "*jobs" -prune -o -exec chown hudson:adm {} +


      find /var/lib/hudson -path "jobs" -prune -o -path ".ssh" -prune -o -exec chmod 750 {} +

      Adding a "! -type l" in the right place should solve the immediate problem (see the attachment for regular a patch). But I wonder if it is a good idea to modify the files under the ~hudson user in the this way at all.

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