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Parsing of POM happens before SNAPSHOT-Parents are updated


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    • Hudson 1.394

      Given the following constellation.

      Project A 1.0-SNAPSHOT (POM only)
      Project B 1.0-SNAPSHOT (Jar, has A as parent)

      Both jobs use private Maven repositories.

      Both projects have a separate job.

      Change something in project A, commit. Job A builds and deploys to repository

      Change something in project B that dependes on changes in project A. Commit. Job B starts an resolves the POM using the old parent POM, potentially leading to a broken build.

      For example: B declares a dependency WITH a version. Now remove the version from B and enter a dependencyManagement entry into A. Commit A, later B.
      Result: B fails because pom validation has no valid version for the dependency.

      Only solution (since private repositories are used): Clean workspace of B via Webinterface, the rebuild B.

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