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"Deploy to Maven repository" behaviour broken in >1.382


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      We have our Jenkins instances set up with master projects that use the "Deploy artifacts to Maven repository" feature after they are built.

      One of the projects has 1 standard and 1 "attached" artifact (These are flexmojo projects, so it's a SWC + SWF).

      However; in our nexus ( instance, we do indeed see specific 'timestamped' artifacts being deployed. Unfortunately they seem to attract different 'build' numbers;
      I.E: there is the following:


      The maven-metadata.xml in the same repository refers to the latter (<buildNumber>6</buildNumber>)

      When a downstream project refers to the swc (usually in <scope>rsl</scope>), the build attempts to download flex-module-20110109.18540-6.swc - which does not exist - therefore the build breaks.

      This worked in previous versions, so is a blocking issue for us because we can't upgrade.

      See email thread @ http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.java.hudson.user/35783

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