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Maven deployment with uniqueVersion == true creating "new" versions for attached artifacts


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    • Hudson 1.395

      When using uniqueVersion == true with Maven deployments for artifacts that have attached artifacts (specifically hpi artifacts in this case...) I've observed the following behavior:

      • MavenArtifactRecord.deploy for pom and main artifact (hpi) occurs as expected, assigning unique version in sequence (i.e. "-5")
      • When MavenArtifactRecord.deploy reaches the iteration for .attachedArtifacts (line #128) and begins deploying these the unique version will be incremented (i.e. "-6")
        • I've confirmed that when the artifact is "transformed" by the SnapshotTransformer, specifically line #104, that an incorrect "nextBuildNumber" is determined. This is due to #resolveLatestSnapshotBuildNumber (line 151) returning the "current" build number.

      This seems to be a regression for 1.395 as the same setup worked fine in 1.383

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