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huge performance drop in post build actions


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      we have jenkins v 1.398 with analysis core 1.17, findbugs4.21, checkstyle3.13, pmd3.13, tasks4.14 and warnings3.14.
      lately we are noticing huge performance problems on our Jenkins instance after the build steps are finished, when jenkins is publishing the results. This becomes very noticeable on the projects having a lot of warnings (i.e. thousnads or tens of thousands) but mostly when two or more projects are building.
      I.e. i have a project that when built alone takes 2 min to execute all build steps and then one minute to publish all the results - this is acceptable and works fine IF there is no other projects building. The project is quite big and has a lot warnings (about 10000)
      But if I'm running two project like that together the build time expands to 6-10 min, but post build actions are taking up to 20 min or more. Some of the builds there were usually taking 8 min total could get stuck for 1hr 30min!

      We have jenkins running on a virtual host having 4 cores and 8gb RAM - it has 3 executors and no slaves.

      When I'm looking at the logs i see that our build system is finishing in acceptable times - ant reports build finished then it gets stuck on pretty much eery step publiching checktyle, pmd, warnings, then javadoc.

      At some point the log files gets huge in just few days (1.6Gb) over the weekend.

      Anybody experienced this?

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