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Jabber plugin does not resolve xmpp DNS SRV records correctly (_xmpp-client._tcp, _xmpp-server._tcp)


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      We have a setup where user@domain.com addresses should connect to xmpp-client.domain.com server but Jabber plugin seems to ignore the SRV records:

      Y:\>nslookup -type=srv _xmpp-client._tcp.cyfrowypolsat.pl
      Server:  cpdc01.polsatc
      _xmpp-client._tcp.cyfrowypolsat.pl      SRV service location:
                priority       = 5
                weight         = 0
                port           = 5222
                svr hostname   = xmpp-client.cyfrowypolsat.pl

      But judging from the Jenkins log, the Jabber plugin tries to connect to cyfrowypolsat.pl:5222 instead of xmpp-client.cyfrowypolsat.pl:5222:

      Jul 29, 2011 11:47:33 AM hudson.plugins.jabber.im.transport.JabberIMConnection connect
      WARNING: Exception of original (without legacy SSL) connection attempt: 
        -- caused by: XMPPError connecting to cyfrowypolsat.pl:5222.: remote-server-error(502) XMPPError connecting to cyfrowypolsat.pl:5222.
        -- caused by: java.net.SocketException: Operation not permitted

      I can workaround this bug by setting 'Server' configuration option to 'xmpp-client.cyfrowypolsat.pl' but then Jabber notifier plugin creates wrong Jabber IDs of users for notification purposes: mminicki@xmpp-client.cyfrowypolsat.pl instead of correct mminicki@cyfrowypolsat.pl:

      Jabber notifier plugin: Sending notification to: crm@conference.cyfrowypolsat.pl
      Notifying fixers
      Jabber notifier plugin: Sending notification to fixer: mminicki@xmpp-client.cyfrowypolsat.pl

      There is a Smack Util for resolving those SRV records:


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