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Make fingerprinting configurable in Maven projects


      Currently, in a Maven Project, fingerprints are generated for all build artifacts (created and used).

      In a freestyle project, you can manually select files to be fingerprinted using the Fingerprinter publisher.

      This needs to be possible for Maven Projects, too.

      Consider for example a Maven project that uses post-build steps to create additional artifacts. You can archive them (without them being fingerprinted), but you cannot choose to fingerprint them.

      Looking at hudson.tasks.Fingerprinter, I see no reason why this publisher should not be available for configuration.

      If you enter the publisher by hand into the config.xml of a job, it works (until you reconfig that job, of course), so this seems to be a display issue. One small drawback: two fingerprintActions are included.


      • make Fingerprinter available for Maven projects
      • prevent Fingerprinter from always creating a new FingerprintAction (i.e. let it check for any existing FingerprintActions (like MavenFingerprinter does))

      the second part is trivial, I can create a pull request for that.

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