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Adding the posibility to send a commit message while copying or merging


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    • svnmerge-plugin
    • Jenkins Version 1.440
      svnmerge Version 1.1

      We use an precommit hook for linking our commits in svn to JIRA, so we neeed a commit message including a JIRA Issue Key at every commit.
      The svnmerge plugin has no posibility to configure (or input) a commit message to be used.

      Following enghancements are needed:

      • A dialog like used in "SCM Sync Configuration Plugin" may be used for creating branches, or using an additional field for a optinal commit message.
      • An additional field for an optional commit message configured for each project for automatic merging provided in the UI.

            kohsuke Kohsuke Kawaguchi
            wo_hauser Wolfgang Hauser
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