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[Compiler Warnings plugin] Compiler Warnings Trend not showing failed build results



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    • warnings-plugin
    • Jenkins ver. 1.435, windows XP, Warnings Plug-in 3.24


      I am using the Warnings Plugin in a Jenkins job but I am experiencing some problems with the trend graphic.

      My configuration scenario is:

      Job Configuration:

      Discard old builds option enabled with parameters: Max # of builds to keep=20 and Max # of builds to keep with artifacts=20
      Post Build Action Scan for compiler warnings configured with Run Always option enabled and:

      The result of the scan will fail or not the build (one or more warnings detected will lead to a failed build).

      Graph Configuration:

      In my procedure, I ran some builds of the configured job and as result the trend graph was:

      But I expected to see builds 149 and 150 warning results as well in this graphic.

      Also I realized that if a build doesn't have warnings (successful build) as build 154 the graphic will be appear like:

      And I was expecting to have a graph with an history of all warnings in this case since build 149.

      What kind of configuration should be modified/added to be possible to have a graph with an history of all warnings since build 149?


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