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Add pre-send step to email-ext that can modify the mail message object


      When the Email-Ext plugin is used in conjunction with the Claim plugin there is no way to configure a project's email options to only send to the one who has claimed it. This results in every person on a team receiving emails for a build they did not break, turning Jenkins emails into something annoying instead of something useful. For someone who knew the code this would be a pretty easy feature to add. And while this would be a good feature, I think a more elaborate solution that would allow Email-ext plugin users to access/modify all parts of the email message (including who the message is being sent to) would be more useful in the long run. Giving users access to all parts of the email message and the option to run a Groovy script after the email has been built, but before the email has been sent would satisfy this feature request and would make the Email-Ext plugin much more versatile.

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