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Bring back BugInstance Reviews (Classifications and Comments) from Cloud in Details


      Showing the Reviews (Classification and Comment by Users) from the configured FindBugs Cloud was obviously achieved by sending a request to the "bug details url" (http://any.findbugs.cloud/<issueHash>?embed). The code for getting this URL template from the Cloud definition is now commented out as the FindBugs API has changed:

      In FindBugsParser#setCloudInformation
      // FIXME: This method has been removed in findbugs 2.0.0
      // bug.setDetailsUrlTemplate(cloud.getBugDetailsUrlTemplate());

      As this is a major feature of connecting to a FindBugs Cloud in the first place, I think this should be fixed to work again by addressing the current FindBugs API.

      Possible solutions I can think of:

      1. try to get the "details url template" by calling some other function.
        • Map<String, String> edu.umd.cs.findbugs.BugCollection.getXmlCloudDetails() is a candidate.
      2. Extend the model adding Collection<BugDesignation> to Bug and populate with the most-recent Designation of each Reviewer by calling appropriate functions of Cloud.

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