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404 when canceling queue item that has already gone to an executor


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      1.479-SNAPSHOT. Set system quiet period to two seconds. Click Build Now next to a job, and when the queue item appears, click the red X next to it to cancel. Sometimes you will be shown http://localhost:8080/queue/item/21/cancelQueue as an error page:

      404 Not Found
      Stapler processed this HTTP request as follows, but couldn't find the resource to consume the request
      -> evaluate(<hudson.model.Hudson@75cdd3> :hudson.model.Hudson,"/queue/item/21/cancelQueue")
      -> evaluate(((StaplerProxy)<hudson.model.Hudson@75cdd3>).getTarget(),"/queue/item/21/cancelQueue")
      -> evaluate(<hudson.model.Hudson@75cdd3>.getQueue(),"/item/21/cancelQueue")
      -> evaluate(<hudson.model.Queue@1f1f1f2> :hudson.model.Queue,"/item/21/cancelQueue")
      -> evaluate(<hudson.model.Queue@1f1f1f2>.getItem(21),"/cancelQueue")
      -> unexpected null!
      If this 404 is unexpected, double check the last part of the trace to see if it should have evaluated to null.

      Presumably item #21 had already been sent to an executor, but the AJAX code to refresh the queue & executor list had not yet gotten a chance to run. Fine, but Jenkins should recover more gracefully than this - just redirect to the calling page and ignore the request.

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