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CopyArtifact plugin cannot always copy artifacts


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    • Jenkins Windows 1.486. CopyArtifact v1.23

      Several of our jobs will intermittently fail. Examination of the logs show the same problem:

      08:55:39 Unable to find a build for artifact copy from: BUILD_WINDOWS_ALL
      08:55:39 Build step 'Copy artifacts from another project' marked build as failure

      That's all that is in the console. We haven't upgraded to CopyArtifact v1.24 (the only fix was for Jenkins master running on Unix, which we are not).

      The problem is highly intermittent. We've gone for days without having the problem, then get numerous occurrences (perhaps 20 out of 200 similar jobs being run). These problems begin after the the job lazy-load was introduced into Jenkins core. Given the nature of the failures and the environment at the time of the failures, it may be a locking/race problem with several jobs all trying to access the same artifacts from the same source build at the same time.

      If there anything else that I can provide to resolve this issue.

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