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When custom tool installation is on SCM checkout fails


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    • Jenkins 1.486 on RHEL5 x86_64, Windows XP slave, Custom tools 0.1, EnvInject 1.72

      When enabled custom tool installation on a job running on Windows slave Clearcase checkout fails due to (most probably) missing 'cleartool' on PATH. It seems that custom tool path injection somehow affects PATH set from envinject plugin (maybe also use of PATH vs Path?)

      Log from failing build

      16:46:08 Started by user user1
      16:46:10 Bullshtml 1.5 is installed at D:\Jenkins\tools\Custom_tool\Bullshtml_1.5\bullshtml
      16:46:10 [EnvInject] - Loading node environment variables.
      16:46:10 [EnvInject] - Preparing an environment for the build.
      16:46:10 [EnvInject] - Keeping Jenkins system variables.
      16:46:10 [EnvInject] - Keeping Jenkins build variables.
      16:46:10 [EnvInject] - Adding build parameters as variables.
      16:46:10 [EnvInject] - Injecting as environment variables the properties content
      16:46:10 include_dir=//server/path/to/include/dir
      16:46:10 [EnvInject] - Variables injected successfully.
      16:46:10 [EnvInject] - Injecting contributions.
      16:46:10 Building remotely on windows-slave in workspace D:\Jenkins\workspace\job
      16:46:10 Deleting project workspace... done
      16:46:10 [view] $ cleartool lsview -cview -s
      16:46:10 [job] $ cleartool lsview viewname
      16:46:10 FATAL: Base ClearCase failed. exit code=-1073741515
      16:46:10 [job] $ cleartool mkview -snapshot -tag viewname -vws \\WINDOWS-SLAVE\Viewstore\viewname.vws view
      16:46:11 FATAL: Base ClearCase failed. exit code=-1073741515
      16:46:11 java.io.IOException: cleartool did not return the expected exit code. Command line="mkview -snapshot -tag viewname -vws \\WINDOWS-SLAVE\Viewstore\viewname.vws view", actual exit code=-1073741515

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