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Copy Artifacts of specific build number fails if build is triggered by upstream project.


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    • Jenkins 1.493 running on Windows Server 2008 with Copy Artifacts 1.25

      We have the following setup: Three projects A, B and C, where a successful build of A triggers a build of B, which in turn triggers C (i.e. C depends on B, and B depends on A). Both A and B archive some artifacts, and the first step of B's build is to fetch the artifacts of A, and the first step of C's build is to fetch artifacts for both A and B.

      Now we want a specific build artifact of A (not the latest one) in project C and use the "specific build" option and giving a build number for which artifacts exist. Now, the build of C fails with "Unable to find a build for artifact copy from: A" if the build is triggered by the upstream project B. Building C manually seems to work initially, but once the build failed for the reason mentioned, only a Jenkins restart fixes the issue.

      As a workaround, it seems that using "latest saved build" works.

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