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Paramterized Repository URL prevents incremental update


      I have string parameters that make up the repository URL of my Jenkins job. When the Mercurial plugin attempts to do an incremental update, it seems to evaluate the repository URL strictly, without expanding parameters, to see if it matches hg showconfig.

      16:15:57 [Parent-Branch KB_Cohort] $ hg showconfig paths.default
      16:15:58 ERROR: Workspace reports paths.default as http://fogbugz.devid.local/kiln/Code/CCC/Development/KB_Cohort
      16:15:58 which looks different than ${REMOTE_REPO_BASE_URL}${BRANCH_REPO_NAME}
      16:15:58 so falling back to fresh clone rather than incremental update
      16:15:58 $ hg clone --rev default --noupdate ${REMOTE_REPO_BASE_URL}${BRANCH_REPO_NAME} "C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\workspace\Parent-Branch KB_Cohort"

      I searched the archives to try and find a duplicate, and I didn't see any. I saw some note that these parameters might not be passed to the SCM, but manually browsing the branch directory shows that the correct changesets are getting pulled in, so it can evaluate them when it does the clone.

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